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iXam - Online Assessment System for chemists

iXam is a webbased assessment system with special focus on the needs of chemistry education. For more information and a demo please visit the homepage of the project at www.ixam.cloud

The system was originally based on LibreEOL - Exams On Line and had been extended with the following question types below. Within the last year the code has been fully reorganized and is now based on Neos Flow.

New question types:

  • Random Numeric: Questions are prepared using random values within the question text, e.g. "0.26 g of sodium oxalate is dissolved in a flask and requires 30.74 mL of potassium permanganate (from a buret) to titrate it and cause it to turn pink (the end point). What is the molarity of the potassium permanganate?" - The weight of sodium oxalate and the volume of potassium permanganate get different values for every candidate/test
  • Chemical Structure: Structures of organic compounds can be drawn within the test using JavaScript-Code and can automatically be matched against given answers.
  • Chemical Equations: using a rich text editor candidates can enter equations for redox reactions or ion equations like "NH4+ + B(OH)4- + HCl → NH4Cl + B(OH)2 + H2O" - the system can match against given answers, even if they are written in different order
  • Molecular formula: enter a formular in any element order - Ba(OH)2 is equvivalent to BaH2O2 ...
  • ...

In addition we have the following features:

  • Authentication agains university credentials
  • Different templates/layouts are possible to comply the corporate identity
  • Test reports as PDF-files to candidates or examiner
  • unattended videomonitoring of the test-session using BigBlueButton, with analysis for cheating situations by face recognition
  • ...

If you are interested in iXam or would like to run a demo test please contact me by email at heinz@chemit.at.